Your Eyes on Site
Your Eyes on Site
High-quality satellite images for clearer perspectives.
Precise data analysis for sharper decisions.

What we do

We bring the potential of Earth Observation to People, Businesses and Institutions around the world. Our capabilities and experience, combined with our flexibility to adapt to customer needs, allow us to maximize value, helping to address global challenges from Space.

Thanks to our own satellites, we deliver Very High-Resolution Imagery and analytics for high impact insights which result in improved decision making.

Our Areas of Expertise

We work to build and deliver customized solutions in a large variety of applications and industries.

Our Satellite-Ready Services

VHR Satellite Imagery

On-demand Tasking
Archive Data
Analysis Ready Data

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Satellite as a Service

Dedicated Orbits
Territory/Land Coverages
Emergency Response

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Integrated Data Services

Change Detection
AI Feature Detection

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Our Data and Images

We have a database of high-quality satellite images ready to download and several satellites in orbit set to answer your requests.

Geosat satellite flow

Select your area of interest (AoI)
Upload tasking order to satellite and wait for sensing opportunities
Capture Image and send back to GEOSAT ground station
Processing of Image, Data and Analytics at GEOSAT control center
Receive Image, Data & Analytics directly at your desktop


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