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The Power of Earth Observation Satellites at your fingertips.

We ensure reliable and continuous high-resolution satellite coverage, personalized high-quality geospatial data, and 24/7 service with delivery within 20 minutes, achieving sharp insights and swift responses in quasi-real- time.

Earth Observation Satellites

Experience the capabilities of GEOSAT – Earth Observation Satellites, where satellite power is at your fingertips. Our commitment to reliable and continuous satellite coverage ensures secured orbits for monitoring hot zones across multiple applications.

We guarantee the best satellite imagery and data delivered within 20 min after acquisition, providing precise change detection analysis for the most accurate and reliable information.

We identify patterns in Earth’s behavior by using optical data and machine learning to study trends from a global viewpoint. Our Medium and Very High-Resolution satellite imagery ensures data accuracy in the New Space era. Moreover, our Emergency Response services are tailored for accurate and near-real-time monitoring during crises. When natural or man-made disasters strike or geopolitical and environmental crises unfold, our Emergency Response Managers swiftly coordinate the delivery of essential imagery, empowering decision-makers to take immediate action.

our key features

Assured Orbits

The exhaustive monitoring of Areas of Interest (aoi) is very useful for different applications. More than that, we keep recent and highly revisited data and high-resolution satellite imagery for your analysis. We also provide secured orbits to monitor hot zones, ensuring very high-resolution satellite data is delivered in the shortest possible time. all this is to ensure you have the most accurate and reliable information about your areas of interest with top priority.

Land Coverages

Obtaining reliable daily satellite images and data involves not only ensuring good resolution but also meticulous orthorectification, coregistration, and fidelity to the terrain. We provide a unique global perspective, allowing the analysis of historical trends through optical data and machine learning. This allows us to detect thematic and past patterns in Earth’s behavior, both on a local and global scale, across various areas and verticals. Researchers can access our very high-resolution satellite imagery ensuring data accuracy.

Emergency Response

In a constantly changing world, swift delivery of data is vital for emergency responses. Our Emergency Response services are designed specifically to meet the need for accurate and near-real-time monitoring. When a crisis emerges, our Emergency Response Managers quickly deliver the information you need to make well-informed decisions.

Real life scenarios

Consistent high-resolution satellite coverage, high-quality personalized geospatial data, and 24/7 delivery within 20 minutes, ensuring sharp insights and enabling a response in quasi-real-time.
Iberian Peninsula Coverage
Iberian Peninsula Coverage G1-G2 (medium and full coverage-GIF)
Cumbre Vieja Volcano
Lava flow at Cumbre Vieja, the Canary Island Volcano. G1 - G2
Antartica G1 - G2
Iceberg-A-74, Antartica (Iceberg Calving-Mar-2021)
Fires near Quebec, Canada
Fires near Quebec, Canada

Thanks to our own satellites, together with our partners, we deliver high quality imagery and analytics for high impact insights which result in improved decision making.

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Our earth observation satellites capabilities

Quality Geospatial data
GEOSAT provides exceptional quality satellite images, ensuring precision through meticulous orthorectification and co-registration.
Customized Solutions
GEOSAT customizes solutions such secured orbits for monitoring hot zones for multiple applications through our earth observation satellites.
Quality and reliable analysis
Our high-quality satellite imagery allows comprehensive analysis for valuable insights and informed decisions.
Quick delivery
We deliver high-resolution satellite imagery within 20 min after acquisition.

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