Revolutionizing land mapping with unparalleled large area coverage

We supply satellite mapping services for urban planning, offering a global geographical scope and a wide range of high-quality land administration and geo mapping data.

Precise Satellite imagery for Mapping

The Land Mapping sector faces various challenges, including limitations in accuracy, time-consuming manual surveys, and the inability to access remote or inaccessible terrains. These issues often lead to incomplete or outdated maps, hindering effective decision-making for urban planning. As one of the geospatial mapping companies, GEOSAT offers a transformative solution.

With Very-High Resolution (VHR) imagery, advanced technologies, and expertise with spatial mapping software and remote sensing, our satellite data provides a comprehensive, up-to-date, and detailed view of the Earth’s surface.

Land classification over Madrid
Land classification over time (3 years) in Madrid, Spain.

Our land mapping satellite data's main capabilities

Very High-Resolution Satellite Imagery
Very High-Resolution Satellite Imagery

Super Resolution enhanced pansharpened imagery at 40cm for detailed assessment, 1,6m scientific level enhanced resolution on each Multispectral data band. High-frequency, multi-resolution monitoring, and Federated Missions imagery (MR, HR and VHR).

Mosaic Images
Mosaic Images

We combine multiple satellite images to create seamless compositions that you can use to create accurate cartography maps.

Stereo (Digital Surface Model)
Stereo (Digital Surface Model)

Our Very-High-Resolution stereoscopic imagery is crucial for developing 3D and Digital Elevation Models.

Territory/Land Coverages
Territory/Land Coverages

For comprehensive coverage, we offer monitoring and analysis capabilities across vast land areas, including remote or inaccessible regions.

AI Feature detection
AI Feature detection

By combining satellite data with AI techniques, we efficiently detect, analyze, and derive valuable insights across multiple sectors and applications.

Thanks to our own satellites, together with our partners, we deliver high quality imagery and analytics for high impact insights which result in improved decision making.

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Market Samples

We work to build and deliver customized solutions in a large variety of applications and industries.

Valdebebas, Madrid
Change detection over a construction in Valdebebas
Hyderabad, India
DEM Digital elevation model over Hyderabad, India
Land classification over Madrid
Ebro, Spain
Ebro River Spain latest satellite imagery
Manhattan, NY
Manhattan, New-York, USA - satellite analytics
Mexico City
Mexico, high resolution daily satellite imagery

Advantages of using our land mapping satellite services

Worldwide Access to VHR imagery

We provide global access to up-to-date very-high-resolution imagery, with an unprecedented coverage and an unparalleled catalog with 10+ years of archive.

Data integration support (IoT integration)

By combining satellite data with AI techniques, we efficiently detect, analyze, and derive valuable insights across multiple sectors and applications.

Multiple formats & products available

Explore cartography maps, ortho dems, road safety assessment, building footprint, zoning analysis, etc.

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