Plan de Recuperación y Resistencia (PRR) Portugal

Project Title (Agenda) │ New Space Portugal
Lead Entity | GEO SAT, Lda

Description | The consortium «New Space Portugal» will establish, for the first time in Portugal, the capacity to design, develop and produce complete satellites, payloads and offer high added value tradable services, based on the exploitation of Earth Observation (EO) data from Space, boosting the national value chain to serve a fast growing market worldwide. In addition, it will expand the portfolio of products and services of the Portuguese satellite operator (GEOSAT), consolidating its position in the European and global markets, and of national companies focused on practical applications of satellite data (downstream), creating a high value-added market-focused offer. In an integrated manner, «New Space Portugal» will develop and consolidate a long-term space scientific, technological and industrial base in Portugal for the auspicious future of the sector.

Start Date │ 01-01-2022
Completion Date │ 31-12-2025

Eligible Investment (Agenda) │ 177 942 155,13 €
European Union Financial Support (Agenda) │ 137 364 121,24 € (NextGenerationEU)

Objective, activities and expected results | Promote a structural change in the specialisation profile of the Portuguese economy through the development, production and operation of satellite constellations, such as the Atlantic constellation, enhancing the creation of innovative space-based products and services, integrating «New Space» philosophies. 

In terms of products and services, the following will be created:

  • Constellation of Very High Resolution satellites
  • Constellation of High Resolution satellites
  • Constellation of VDES satellites
  • SAR satellite constellation
  • Digital Planet, a digital platform to merge multiple data, from multiple sources, and provide value-added services
  • Among other services for the promotion of entrepreneurship, space-based advanced education and training and research in the field of Earth Observation in the Atlantic and globally.

Beneficiary Entity | GEO SAT, Lda
Investment (Beneficiary) │ 6 138 560,51 €
European Union Financial Support (Beneficiary) │ 3 893 364,32 € (NextGenerationEU)