Extracting insights to de-risk your decision-making.

Exploit satellite imagery to monitor assets, get market knowledge and manage risk.

In the oil and gas industry, infrastructure is often spread across vast, remote areas – making it complicated to monitor. And when you’re dealing with high-investment, long-term projects in a market that’s in constant flux, gathering information that will help you manage risk is all-important.

So, what if you could monitor your assets and get near-real-time market insights without leaving your desk?

By capturing inaccessible assets, potential exploration sites and oil storage locations with our cost-effective, reliable satellite imagery, we can unlock the insights you need to make reliable decisions, forecast more accurately and manage risk. Whether it’s monitoring assets, understanding the topography of remote sites or estimating the volumes of crude oil in storage, the information we uncover will help you make decisions you can depend on and maximize your profit.

We help oil and gas companies all over the globe to monitor their assets in remote areas and estimate the volume of oil stored in external floating roof tanks. We also work with engineers, and environmental and construction consultants to assess the topography of sites they’re interested in – especially when they’re difficult to access.

Shedding light on oil storage around the world

We analyze our high-resolution satellite imagery, measuring the shadows cast by floating roof oil storage tanks in order to calculate the volume of oil stored in each of them.

Get market insights from above.

By applying algorithms to this imagery, we can calculate fluctuations in oil volume over time – so you can accurately predict of the amount of oil stored in a region and make better informed decisions about the market.

Work out the lie of the land for exploration sites.

Our high-quality satellite imagery can form the basis of accurate topographic surveys to help you identify the best locations for exploration and any geological barriers to extraction as well as helping you reduce the environmental impact of a project.

The insights you need to act fast in an emergency.

When things go wrong, you need accurate information – fast. Whether you’re dealing with an infrastructure failure or an accident at an oil and gas installation or refinery, up-to-date information is key to getting things back under control.

Spot emergencies before they escalate.

Regularly monitoring your assets can help you to identify irregularities and emergency situations as soon as they appear, so you can act before they develop. With the right information to hand, you can work quickly to reduce the impact of a crisis.

Keep an all-weather eye on your assets.

Use our imagery services to get all-weather satellite images of your assets and sites delivered straight to your desk.

Wherever you are in the world – we’ve got you covered.

No matter where your sites and assets are located, we can give you actionable insights because our satellites have unrestricted access to capture images anywhere on Earth.


Make better market estimates.

By monitoring the volume of oil stored in specific areas, you can make more accurate predictions about the market to de-risk your decision-making.


Spot and stop emergencies earlier.

Regularly capturing and analyzing imagery of your assets will make it easier to identify irregularities and respond to emergencies as soon as they develop.


Find the best sites.

Identify the best locations for exploration and production with accurate topographic surveys based on our satellite imagery.