Oil & Gas

Harnessing oversight and intelligence for dependable decision-making in oil and gas,
mining and energy projects.

With depletion of natural resources and a growing demand for energy, Oil and Gas companies globally are working to meet this increasing demand while minimizing costs and risk. We provide intelligence, so users can make informed decisions and monitor projects that are often located in remote environments.

Thanks to our global geographical scope and wide variety of satellites with different resolutions and sensor types, we can reveal actionable insights for various energy and mining applications and through the whole oil and gas production cycle, from upstream to downstream.


Better market estimations.

Make more accurate market predictions thanks to the ability to monitor the volume of oil stored in a specific area.


Improved emergency management.

By regularly monitoring your assets, you can identify irregularities and act quickly to mitigate the impact of emergencies before they develop.


Optimize exploration and production.

Use accurate topographic surveys based on our imagery to help identify the best locations for exploration and production while also managing environmental impact.


Empowering reliable decision-making for the energy sector.

Extracting insights to de-risk your decision-making.

Did you know?

We can monitor changes in crude oil storage.

Did you know?

High resolution imagery can reveal where vegetation is encroaching of pipelines.

Did you know?

We can help you identify the most effective locations for new gas stations.

Our Approach

Unlocking Earth Observation's full potential.

We work with our partners, using our high-quality imagery and analytics expertise to extract insights that help you make the right decisions.



Our accurate, scientific-quality imagery forms the foundation of our best-in-class services.


+ Analytics

We bring imagery to life by applying analytics to extract insights that matter to you.


= Insights

We go beyond imagery, revealing the insights that help you make better-informed decisions, for a better world.

We're looking forward to creating your bespoke solution.

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