From now on, GEOSAT has a new visual and graphic identity in line with the rapid and auspicious development that the space sector itself is currently experiencing worldwide.

LISBON, 25 SEPTEMBER 2023. GEOSAT announces the launch of its future constellation of Earth Observation satellites, thus reinforcing its exclusive position in Europe as one of the only two European companies with very high-resolution satellites. By 2025, GEOSAT intends to launch 11 new High and Very High-Resolution satellites.

As a result of this new phase that GEOSAT is approaching, the Earth Observation company has adopted a new global brand communication strategy, which materializes in a new visual and graphic identity and an evolution in the tone of communication. The renewal is intended to mark the Earth Observation Company’s new phase of growth, in line with the rapid and auspicious development that the space sector itself is currently experiencing worldwide.

This ambitious, future-focused vision was the starting point for the concept that underpins the current rebranding. With GEOSAT’s new image we want to convey a company that is strong, agile and innovative, but also more accessible and human, more reliable and coherent. The logo, made up of two elements – a typeface and an icon – represents the symbiosis between nature and technology, by synthesizing and translating our planet (as a circle) and the satellite (as a square) into a geometric shape.

The icon is born from the dialogue between the planet and the satellites, symbolizing the interaction between the planet and people, people and satellites, almost like a magnifying glass that deepens and widens the human gaze so that, with the right technology – in this case space and Earth observation technology – it can further expand the idea of space as the last frontier of knowledge that is crystallized in our collective imagination.

The other half of the logo, represented by the word GEOSAT, was designed to form a unique and recognizable typographic block. The balance between the characters gives it a solid, coherent profile and aims to elevate brand communication by conveying rigor and precision.

The color palette chosen represents the logic and vision behind our entire brand. It consists of two main colors: tangerine red and black. Tangerine red reflects our bold, contemporary, and innovative side, enhanced by the color’s vibrancy and freshness. Black reflects our classic and sober side, in a clear allusion to the current transition between Space (scientific research) and New Space (business).