Monitoring, measuring and managing the world’s forests from above

Monitoring, measuring and managing the world’s forests from above.

Uncovering vital information to help protect forests for the future.

 The loss and degradation of the world’s forests accounts for around 17% of carbon emissions and could have far-reaching consequences for humanity. Forests produce vital oxygen and provide homes for people and wildlife.

Deforestation is a threat that comes in many forms, including fires, clear-cutting for agriculture, ranching and development, unsustainable logging and degradation due to climate change.

And while global programmes, such as REDD+, now incentivise sustainability and emissions reductions, monitoring progress is still a challenge.

It’s notoriously difficult to get an accurate picture of the changes in forest cover from the ground and to spot the countless, small-scale logging and forest clearing activities at a global or hectare level.

By systematically monitoring forests using our network of satellites, we can reveal vital information about the impact of deforestation and how it evolves over time, with a focus on protected areas management and sustainable forestry. We help governments, businesses and other organisations to measure their progress towards sustainability and support policy makers in implementing sound and objective Measurement, Reporting and Verification systems for REDD+ programs.

Detecting small-scale deforestation…

In tropical forests, sustainable development and forest management is more difficult because illegal and excessive logging or forest clearance for oil and gold mining usually happen in remote areas where they're tricky to detect even with global-scale satellite mapping.

…by analysing satellite imagery.

We can capture and analyse new high-resolution satellite imagery every few days to help you uncover small-scale deforestation more easily.

Capturing non-visible, near-infrared (NIR) light…

Can reveal areas where the forest has been destroyed. Healthy vegetation reflects more NIR and shows up in bright red: areas with little vegetation don’t.

Track environmental impact with a constant flow of analytics-ready imagery.

Get crucial information about the impact of deforestation over time by systematically capturing tropical areas with high-frequency, multi-resolution satellite data.

Used alongside biomass measurements and climate models

Our satellite imagery can help you establish a reliable system for monitoring forests and verifying estimates of CO2 increases caused by deforestation.


Uncover deforestation trends.

Track land cover changes and deforestation trends from 2009 onwards, thanks to our extensive archive imagery.


Hone in on the areas that matter to you.

To help you monitor vast areas, we use medium-resolution imagery to detect locations worth investigating, before ‘zooming in’ with our high-resolution satellites.


Root out small-scale activities.

Our very-high-resolution imagery allows you to identify ongoing activities, such as illegal logging and clearing.