Forestry & Environment

Forestry & Environment

Boosting sustainable development for a safer and greener future.

What gets measured, gets managed. Continuously monitoring our natural resources makes sustainable management possible and it’s the best way to protect our environment for the future. We provide reliable, regular monitoring for a wide range of environmental pressures such as deforestation, land degradation, desertification and illegal logging.

Our global geographical scope and range of satellites with a variety of different resolutions and sensor types means we can offer scientific-quality information for any location. Working with our partners, we give you insights including change detection, topographic and terrain elevation mapping, and Digital Elevation Models.


Boost REDD+ MRV.

We support policy makers in implementing sound and objective Measurement, Reporting and Verification systems for REDD+ programs.

Improved forest health and reduced environmental impact.

Understand, address and manage forest health issues and lessen the environmental impact of projects in any location with our imagery.

User-friendly access.

Our user-driven apps give you easy access to your data, so you can make the most of value-added products and geo-analytics services.



Building the foundation for sustainable development.

Monitoring, measuring and managing the world’s forests from above.

Did you know?

We can provide independent verification reports of the impact of your zero-deforestation policies.

Did you know?

Our extensive archive can help you establish historical forest area changes.

Our Approach

Unlocking Earth Observation's full potential.

We work with our partners, using our high-quality imagery and analytics expertise to extract insights that help you make the right decisions.


Our accurate, scientific-quality imagery forms the foundation of our best-in-class services.

+ Analytics

We bring imagery to life by applying analytics to extract insights that matter to you.

= Insights

We go beyond imagery, revealing the insights that help you make better-informed decisions, for a better world.

What our customers say.

“GEOSAT satellites data were key to effectively monitor and study changes in forested land across the planet”.

Dan Hammer, Global Forest Watch.

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